Our Network

OSIS currently serves over 70 Health Centers—touching more than 1,200,000 patient lives in more than 500 locations—in 30 states across the country.

Our exclusive focus on Health Centers means we’re able to provide an unparalleled level of expertise on the unique challenges faced by regional Health Centers every day—and we have years of experience solving technology issues other vendors don’t encounter.

And because OSIS is a full-service Health Center Controlled Network, more than half of our Board is comprised of our members—offering an opportunity for true partnership that other service providers simply cannot match.

Results Worth Sharing

This brief case study outlines how OSIS helped Rocking Horse Community Health Center in Springfield, Ohio, fully adopt NextGen Healthcare’s suite of financial and clinical solutions.

Learn how OSIS Membership was able to assist HOMETOWN Health Center in achieving their PCMH and ACO goals, persevering through a time of high staff turnover.

OSIS has been featured in national publications by VMware. This case study reviews OSIS' overall improved operations since switching to VMware in 2014.


“OSIS has provided our organization with a professional and highly skilled approach in helping us successfully complete the upgrade process in the short timeframe we needed. I couldn’t be happier with the strong technical skill set and knowledge given to us. Our health center could not have succeeded with the magnitude of the upgrade without OSIS’ assistance. My OSIS project team is always pleasant, efficient, and willing to find us solutions and continues to provide us with the support we need. With the upgrade behind us, we look forward to the training, skills, and expertise in helping us move our next initiatives forward.”
Susan Adams, CIO
Family Health Center of Worcester
“As a small Health Center Controlled Network operating within the Hawaii Primary Care Associationand only two CHCs on NextGen, it wasn’t feasible for us to develop in-house expertise for that system. Instead, we chose to partner with OSIS, a mature network focusing solely on NextGen for CHCs. Within a month of our initial contact, OSIS dispatched a team of three to visit with both of our NextGen health centers. As a result, those centers have engaged OSIS to review and optimize their systems, provide provider and staff training, as well as assist with upgrades and license management. We’ve heard nothing but wonderful comments about the relationship that’s now developed between our health centers and OSIS.
Monique van der Aa, HiHCCN Director, CHC Fiscal Specialist
Hawai'i Primary Care Association
“Since contracting in 2012, we have found the OSIS staff to be knowledgeable, supportive, and caring. Their responses are prompt and their solutions effective. Waimanalo Health Center would highly recommend OSIS to any NextGen user.”
Rob Slike, Director of IT
Waimanalo Health Center
“HOMETOWN Health Center has utilized the expertise of OSIS since 2014. We have been continually impressed with the superior team that works with us on various critical components of managing our health center efficiently and effectively. The Patient Centered Medical Home renewal can be extremely challenging but having OSIS by our side and supporting our efforts makes this important process achievable. One of the best things about OSIS is their professionalism and responsiveness to our needs. When a problem arises or a training is required, they are always ready to step in, and their continued dedication to helping us remain compliant in all our programs is invaluable. We are very grateful to the support we received in the reinstatement of managing billing internally at a great cost saving to our center. There are many things we couldn’t do, and many things that would be much harder for us to do, without OSIS.”
Robin Winslow, CEO
HOMETOWN Health Center
“The staff at OSIS are wonderful to work with and respond to our needs in a timely manner. The extra assistance they provided for Meaningful Use was most appreciated!”
Mary Maragos, CEO
Will County Community Health Center